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Online events we are joining in (accessible from outside of Japan)

November 12, Study-in-Japan Seminar for Southwest Asia (Session 37), organized by Tokyo University

October 9, November 4, and December 4, Korean-Japanese Fair (from South Korea only)

September 10, Study in Japan Online Fair for Sub-Saharan Africa 2021

August 29, 2021 JASSO Study-in-Japan Virtual Fair https://jassofair.studyinjapan.go.jp/en/

July 18, 2021 Open Campus (Live Chat), preregistration at https://forms.gle/jnYasqLte7wT5jj46

May 22, 2021 Open Laboratory (Live Chat), preregistration at https://forms.gle/jnYasqLte7wT5jj46

References (Brochures and Video Clips )


Leaflet for Int'l Students

Voices from UEC Int'l Students

Brochures of UEC Mext Programs (Graduate School only)
to be updated soon for the application in AY2021


UEC MEXT scholarship programs (MICH)


UEC MEXT scholarship programs (AiQuSci)

Useful websites

Search for researchers/faculty members (in Japanese and English)

Laboratory Search (in Japanese only)

Video UEC

Video UEC in English

Video UEC in Japanese

General Admission Guide for Grad School (abstract in English)
AY2022 Version will be available in April 2022.

Application Schedule (for the enrollment in Oct 2021 and April 2022)

Overview of Admission

Application Guideline for Doctoral Program (for the enrollment in Oct 2021 and April 2022)

Admission Guide for Research Student Program

General Admission Guide, both undergraduate and graduate schools (in Japanese)

Inquiry form for Int'l Student

This is the inquiry form for int'l student who has questions on UEC research student program or (the preparation of application for) our graduate school. First of all, type your email address.

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